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Serving Ottawa-Hull, Eastern Ontario and Quebec for over 70 years

​​​Service Station Contracting

Our employees are trained to install and maintain the following:

• Full Gas Station Construction
• Above ground tanks
• Underground tanks
• Leak detection systems
• Petroleum transfer piping
• Spill containment equipment
• Waste oil tanks and pumping equipment

​Additional services that we offer include:​

• Construction & repair of concrete pump islands, aprons, fill boxes, sign poles, flood light pole and canopy bases
• Patch paving
• Pressure and vacuum testing of underground tanks and lines
• Installation and repair of aboveground and underground hoists and piping
• Removal and disposal for aboveground and underground tanks​​

Diesel Generator Fueling Systems

Our company specializes in the installation and upgrading of fueling systems for diesel generators and boilers to meet with current regulations.

We can provide design-build fueling systems to meet your needs. We can offer the following services:

• Above ground main supply tanks
• Above ground auxiliary supply tanks
• Underground tanks
• Leak detection systems
• Underground petroleum transfer piping
• Above ground petroleum transfer piping
• Pump set and control panels
• Filtration units
• Spill containment equipment

Site Decommissioning

We offer a full range of site decommissioning services which include:​

• Removal and disposal of underground tanks and piping
• Removal and disposal of aboveground tanks and piping, including bulk plant facilities
• Aboveground and underground tank cleaning
• Removal and disposal of hoists and piping
• Removal and disposal of petroleum liquids from tanks
• On and off site contaminated water treatment and disposal
• Removal and disposal of residential aboveground and underground tanks
• Removal and disposal of contaminated soil

We can provide a full range of environmental consulting services to complete these projects.