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With over 63 years of service Triangle Pump Service Limited specializes in the removal of exterior oil tanks, interior oil tanks, above ground tanks, underground storage tanks or heating oil tanks that are no longer in use.

Our fully licensed crews will show the greatest respect for your property while pumping any remaining heating oil out of your tank. Our trained crew will carefully remove the oil tank before transporting it to an approved site where it is then cut, cleaned and scrapped according to the TSSA standards.

Once the oil tank is removed, our crews will repair any damage to your property including the plugging of lines, patching of walls or backfilling of land.

We take our job very seriously. Triangle Pump will work with you to help keep your home and property free of hazards by eliminating any potential threat caused by an old dormant oil tank. At Triangle Pump Service Limited we will handle all the work and make sure the oil tank is removed worry free.

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Tel - (613) 822-0624
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